One on One Auto Repair Shop Training and Consulting

With over 42 years in the auto repair business, I can honestly say I haven't seen everything... But I have been winning the battle in the trenches of auto repair for the past 35 years! If you noticed, I do not claim to have started out winning from the beginning. What I can tell you is that learning how to run a profitable auto repair business from your mistakes is time consuming and very costly! I learned from some of the best trainers in the business... Now, it is my turn to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Call it consulting, training, teaching... My goal is to help shop owners looking for answers. One on one... no seminars, no groups, just me and you!

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Wrenching for Profit offers 42 years of practical experience in the art of winning in the trenches. My solutions have all been developed, tested and proven in our own shops. I understand what you go through every day. It's that unique understanding that allows me to specialize in providing services that help shop owners, managers and service advisors to run profitable shops.

We will show you how to: